The Law Office of Ari Weisbard focuses on helping individuals and families in Washington, D.C. and New York with their employment, estate planning, and tax needs.  


Estate Planning and Taxes

Estate and tax planning isn’t only for wealthy people. If you’ve got anyone depending on you – kids, partners, parents, family members – you want to know that they’re supported in case you're no longer there.


Protecting Your Rights at Work

Every job has value and every person who works deserves decent pay and dignity. And if employers treat you badly, I’m here to make sure they are held accountable.


Our Services

Whether you need help negotiating a difficult employment situation or writing a will or estate plan, I provide legal services you need and advice you can trust.

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About Ari

I care deeply about justice and fairness, and have worked to advance these core principles for my whole career. My goal in serving you is to offer the support you need so that everyone has access to good legal advice at a fair price.